Barry, Why So Marxist?………


I would have a smidgeon of respect for the 52% of drones in this country who voted for Barry if they would just simply admit that they either like and approve of Marxism, or were duped and pledge to help us fix this mess in November.

Glenn Beck does an excellent job of outlining Barry’s past and present in the clips below, and why it is simply ludicrous to come to any other conclusion other then that he is a Socialist/Marxist/Communist. This isn’t a racial slur. It’s the truth. Beck does below in 50 minutes what the Lame Stream Media refused to do before the election and still refuses to do now.

Dear Leader said he would fundamentally transform the country. Thanks 52%!……………

And speaking of Communists who are dragging our nation down, I stumbled upon this fantastic resource. Click on it and read all about the assorted Marxists and other enemies within that run our country. You can also use it to research your own legislators to see how Marxist they are! I just searched my Socialist House Represenative, Joe Sleezestak, and guess what? He’s a Marxist who is supported by the baby killers at Planned Parenthood and The Council for a Livable World(a socialist organization founded by an alleged Soviet agent)…………

For the record, I think it’s safe to say that any organization that has the following words in it’s name might not have the best interest of this country at heart: world, citizens, workers, unite, justice, social……..

For more details on Barry’s Marxist past, I highly recommend clicking over to this blog……….


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