Self-Loathing And Suicide In Lawn Gisland…………


Barry to Bibi: ‘Don’t embarass me in front of my fellow Muslims’. ‘And about those weapons systems we promised you to defend against the PaleoNazis and Nutjobs from Iran?’.

Barry to Those Hell Bent On Our Demise: ‘If you kill millions of us with Anthrax and mustard gas, we will do nothing’. ‘And from now on the term ‘Islamic Exremism’ will be replaced by ‘Mullah-Made Disasters’.

Bibi to Barry: ‘Fuck off’.

Seventy-eight percent of American Jews voted for Barack Obama(me NOT included). I have just a few questions for you retards(no offense to the mentally retarded)……………..

What the hell is wrong with you people?! Do you hate yourselves that much or does your religion of liberalism trump the survival of Israel? Is George Chimpy McHaliburton Bush and his violent evil cadre of Evangilcal Christian suicide bombers more of an existensial threat to you then AhmadinnerJacket and those animals in the Middle East that want to turn Israel into a radioactive heap of ashes in what would amount to the second Holocaust in your lifetimes? Rhetorical question, I know………….

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.


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