Barry At 42%…………


Maybe if POTUS sues Arizona for protecting our borders and enforcing existing federal law his numbers will skyrocket into the 80s!………………….

Executive summary on this poll: Barry is underwater in all demographics except the youth vote(18-29y). These would be the people who don’t know what country we won our independence from, who don’t know who the vice president is, who have no clue who Nancy ‘Stretch’ Pelosi or Harry ‘The Body’ Reid is, and who likely pay little to no taxes……………

UPDATE: Gallup has Soetoro at 38% amongst Independents. I think it took Bush 8 years to reach these lows. Buh-bye libtards. Enjoy the Marxism while it lasts. Exit question: Who exactly are the 38% that actually approve of this crap? These people?…………..


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